Movie Review: Padmaavat, An average movie with extreme publicity

Just watched the new movie padmaavat aka Padmavati. Movie is released after a long protest by various groups. Movie is story about Rani Padmaavati and Alauddin Khilji.

Movie plot was based on the controversial historical events. The values and principles followed in that historical era is conflicting with the current era values. The Sati pratha or johar is not acceptable now. Now society expects women to fight against the bad man rather then going for any other option. Story line was too much inclined towards different conflicting views. Movie tried to show Rajputs in all good light and Arabic attackers in completely bad light. There is no message in the movie. Movie is plain history which was taken place due to various situation based on greed, weakness and politics of human brain. Story proved to be biggest weakness of the movie. Few people will call it anti Muslim, Chauvinist, Right wing movie.

Movie sets by Bhansali are always good. Dresses and music was excellent. Every scene was larger then life.

All actors worked well. I personally liked Shahid and Aditi Rao hydari. Deepika also acted well but her makeup was dull and she was not matching the described super beauty of Padmaavati. Deepika was looking much better in Baji rao mastani or Chennai express. Aditi Rao was looking beautiful and excellently delivered the character. Ranveer singh delivered similar act like Baji rao mastani, so its kind of watching same thing again. Shahid was looking stunning and his look was epic in the movie.

Overall movie is one time watch. After so much hype watching a movie which ends with women burning themselves was not expected. Though no one can change the history and at that time those women had no other way to defeat the greedy Alauddin khilji. It was a brave action of women to defeat the greedy Alauddin khilji. But still digesting such movie in modern times where whole society is supporting the women cause is bit difficult.

Whole nuisance for banning the movie is useless because Rajputs are already shown in good light in movie and not sure which scene is objectionable.

I would give 2.5 out 5 for the movie.

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