Is reaction of Rahul Gandhi’s seat row unnecessary?

During the Republic Day celebrations in the capital on 26th January, Rahul Gandhi was given seat in sixth row post this gesture by government congress raised this issue and submitted an angry response.

On Reponse for the same BJP said that it was as per the protocol and in democracy there is no role of autocracy.

It is true that it might have happened first time in history and no leader of opposition might have sit in 6th row in last 60 years. But BJP is also correct there is no protocol as such. But looks like some one is taking benefit of rules to show keep others down. As a leader of opposition he should get some place. People have started liking him. His position is raising in Indian politics. It looks like an attempt to show him in low light.

What is the matter that in small things also people are not given proper position in India. Politics is India is always have been give and take in India. But looks like all other political parties are right now targeting the one party and this is kind of answer for the same. It looks like things are going low from both the sides.  Political vendetta is going too low. Everyone is attacking the other and they are going so low.

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