Hookah charcoal behind the deadly Kamla mill tragedy

Last month’s deadly tragedy at Kamla mill happened due to the Charcoal used in the hookahs. The fire department reported that fire started due to Charcoal used in hookah. The Mojo restaurant was serving hookah’s to its guest. Looks like these charcoal got in touch with curtains of the restaurant and f


ire started. Charcoal is basically kind of pieces of charcoal which burn slowly and used as fuel for hookah.

The fire department said neither of the two restaurants had clearances to serve liquor or run the hookah bar.

Other fatal mistak


e made by the restaurant bouncer. Restaurant bouncer asked the guests to stay in the toilet. He should have asked people to escape from emergency escape. Most of deaths happen due to suffocation in toilet Area.

Hookahs are


served in many restaurants now a days. Hookah parlours are banned but youth is going crazy for this habit of smoking. It is shame that so many people lost their lives due to bad habitĀ of hookah smokers.

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