Movie Review Fukrey returns: Comical mess

Fukrey was released in 2013 and the 2nd part released on 8th December. First part was new concept and viewers loved the fusion of reality and fantasy. 2nd part is almost same as part one where the concept of dreams turning to reality is base idea of movie.

Over all movie was OK from comical perspective.  Story line was not organised well. At some point i though movie is over but story further dragged post that. Climax was unrealistic.  Movie has same sort of events that happened in last movie but this time those events not proved to be that funny. Jokes were funny but few jokes were too loud to digest. Story line would have been more organised and climax should have been further improved by end goal.

Cast worked well this time as well. Role of Chucha (Varun Shamra) and Pandit ji(Pankaj Tripathi) have been increased significantly because of their popularity. Pankaj Tripathi’s timing in comic roles is awesome. Every one likes the characters he played. Specially this year people liked his role in Barielly ki barfi. Whole cast played their characters well. Richa chadda and pulkit samrat looking great in their roles.

I would give 2.5 out of 5 for this movie. Music is good and its funny movie with weak plot.


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