Pakistani ambassador present wrong picture in UN as a proof of Pallet victim of Kashmir

The senior Pakistani ambassador Maliha Lodhi presented the picture of pallet victim from Kashmir at United Nation platform. But the picture she presented is of a lady who is from Palestine and never been to Kashmir. The lady is in picture has nothing to do with Kashmir. But Pakistani diplomats presented this picture in UN to spread fake propaganda against Indian government. Pakistani government caught lying in front of whole world.


Picture actually belongs to Rawya abu Joma, 17, at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City July 22,2014. Rawya was wounded when two Israeli air strikes attacked her family’s apartment¬†. Three of her cousins and her sister were killed in the attack . She is suffering from shrapnel in her face, her legs have perforated holes in them and her bones were crushed in her right hand. Her photo has been published by famous photographer Heidi Levine publically here.

Pakistan is busy is spreading fake propaganda against India for long time. To spread the rumours Pakistani state spread the fake pictures and use the pictures of troubled women from other parts of world to prove their wrong facts. But this time Pakistani government is caught red handed and they have been proved to be wrong about their knowledge and their propaganda is failed miserably.

Pakistani diplomats downloaded this picture from the Heidi Levine’s photo albums from Here is the link of that album where this picture is available

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