Analysis: 5 year old girl raped in school in Delhi

A five year old girl was allegedly raped by a peon inside the premises of Tagore Public School on Saturday in Gandhi Nagar area of Shahdara. Deputy Commissioner of Police Shahadra Nupur Prasad said the accused, identified as Vikas who is 40 years, has been arrested. Vikas has been working the school from last 3 years.

Last week a boy of 2nd class has been allegedly raped and killed in Ryan school in Gurgram.

These 2 incidents have raised serious question on the generation of schools which are budding suddenly as mushrooms. All these schools are money making machines for Rich owners. There is no regulating authority for the schools which can control the Fees and policies in the schools. There is no seriousness within the government to regulate these schools.

These schools need the cheap labours drivers, maids, cooks and Watchmen. All these peoples are hired from the local areas. No background checks has been done on these people. Criminals can get these jobs easily. Schools are just busy making money. The principal hired in these new branches are too young to understand the nitty gritty of the security in schools. Schools are being run just like poultry farms. The vigilance on local staff is zero. No one cares how overall things are working in school. These local staff in schools run their own parallel system which bypass all the restrictions. Teachers and principals are so much dependent on the staff that they just end up forgetting about the safety of the kids on these people who have been hired without any background checks.

Government politicians talk big on fixing the things on the ground but forget to create basic regulating bodies for institutions. Private schools are running like the poultry farms where they don’t worry about the quality. No one is there to control the fees or no one worried about the internal security protocols for kids.

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