Students of POK has demanded Freedom from Pakistan

Students of POK are now protesting against Pakistan. Pakistan occupied kashmir (POK) is place where students are looking forward for freedom from Pakistan’s bad rule. JKNSF is Jammu and Kashmir National students federation in POK. JKNSF held a big rally in POK Jandali area to protest against Pakistan. This feeling of suppression is brewing in the population of POK for long time. Pakistan is not treating POK people well.

Pakistan also allowed china to POK without any permission from the local population. POK is the disputed land between India and Pakistan. POK people wanted to get freedom from Pakistan. Pakistan is not investing a penny in POK because it feels that in future POK may be get separated in future so all investments will go in vein. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – which passes through the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir should be approved by the local people of POK.

POK is disputed area and people of POK has right to decide if CPEC can be allowed in their region. But No one is taking suggestions from the people of POK. People are upset with CPEC in POK. In past also people of POK has protested against Pakistan China.

Anti Pakistan protests have been taking place across Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Enraged at Pakistan’s suppression of basic human rights in the held region, the PoK residents took to the streets to express their ire at the corridors of power in Islamabad as well in past.

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