Review of Toilet ek Prem katha

Yesterday I watched the new movie of Akshay Kumar “Toilet ek Premkatha”.

Topic of movie was a phenomena that is happening now in extremely rural areas in India so urban population failed to relate to the topic. Though it is another rare thing that, there is not a single toilet in whole village. Again film maker shown that problem is related to religion but actually it is more of problem related to habit of defecating in open. This topic is a rare scenario so to justify it film shown all possible reasons. But most of the reasons are silly. It is shown that whole village is against building the public toilet. That is also a silly thing to portray. The size of village shown is very big & this much big villages have almost all the amenities now.

Movie starts with romantic scene of Sana and Akshay. There was no need of this scene. Sana was looking better as compared to main actress in movie. Movie is not boring though but some parts are stretched unnecessarily. Few scenes are extremely funny and need imagination because toilets are available now easily (People may not be using those). Viewer need to put himself/herself in position of Jaya and feel that what he/she will do if basic amenity like toilet is missing. It is funny/freakish thought.

Movie definitely has a good message. But again linking everything with religion is not a good idea. The reality is habit and mindset of Indian population which push such issues. Acting of Bhoomi and Akshay is good.

My rating is 2.5 out 5. Akshay is picking up very nice topics. Movie can be better with little bit of tweaking.

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