PM Modi talks about Non violence and Festive season at Man ki Baat

Last Sunday of every month Indian Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi address the Citizens of India in a program called Man ki Baat. In this program PM Modi talk to citizens about current issues and provide his message to audience. Today on 27th August 2017 PM Modi spoke about 2 major current topics.

Today PM Modi spoke about the Non violence. In last week there were reports of huge violence in Hariyana state due to conviction of so called Guru Baba Ram Rahim in case of rapes. After conviction of religious priest his followers have started the brawl and burned many vehicles and public properties. So called followers  have attacked the Media vans and media people as well. There were about 28 reported deaths due to this brawl. Whole nation was stunned by the riots emerged due to the lawful conviction of this self made God. People feel that these people are not his followers but actually so called followers are paid goons. Who have taken route of crime and violence to support their boss. PM Modi today clarified that violence can not be accepted in any way and condemn the acts of violence.

Later in his address to public he conveyed his best wishes to citizens of India. Right now there are 4 festivals are going on or about to commence in near future. He wished for Paryushan parv, Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam and Eid ul juha.

At last PM Modi called the youth of nation to take part in the Sports. He said that sports will make the youth fit and  can also bring the pride for nation.



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