Where the sony channel’s Kapil sharma show going? Kapil vs Sunil

After the mid flight clash between kapil sharma and Sunil grover the show is in soup. The 4 most popular actors are not reporting to the shooting.
Even siddhu who is part of this team is not happy now. Sidhu has been reading all reports that Sunil and Chandan are in no mood to return, and he also knows that Ali and Sugandha are not too sure.
Without the comedians show is nothing. Kapil has completed one episode shooting with Raju Srivastav, Sunil Pal and Ahsaan Qureshi. But viewers are missing the soul of show. Whole team is upset with Kapil and not planning to return the show. Reportedly there was big brawl between the team while returning from the Melbourne. Kapil abused whole team and ask them to leave to show. After this fight Team has left the show.

Image of Kapil sharma is also ruined due to this fight. Everyone is thinking that he is a mean person who is too proud for the show. Previously as well Sunil grover left the show due to some issues with Kapil. Same history is repeating again. The Kapil hurled abuses to Sunil and threw shoe at him just because he ate before him in the flight.

Few viewers are still thinking that it is a publicity stunt and team will return in some time.

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