Religious fanatics trolled cricketer Mohammed Shami’s wife on Dress

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami was attacked by many religious fanatics after he shared a picture of his wife. Many people trolled at the dress of his wife, Hasin Jahan. She was wearing a red sleeveless gown, which led people to ask him why he didn’t keep her in Nikab.

Twitter and facebook both are full of comments in support of the shami. Shami is indian cricket player. In india Debate on Burqa/nikab is going on. At this time such incident has ignited the debate further.

Mohammad Shami has twitted today that all should look inside and He has full rights to take decision for his family.

This is not first time religious fanatics in India objected against dress of a celebrity. In past religious fanatics objected against the Sania mirja for her tennis skirt. They also asked her to wear nikab. But she had ignored their comments.


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