Delhi Smog: Is there any solution to problem of pollution?

Whole India is right now talking about the pollution in Delhi. Everyone know that there is lot of smog in delhi everyday. Not sure why the smog problem suddenly increased. It may be due to the still wind of winter. But smog has been produced due to the vehicles and factories.

More factories

The industrialisation of the area near the Delhi has been producing the pollution constantly. The factories are the reason why  air is being polluted and waste is being left behind as the sub product. No proper planning for the disposal of waste and no strict laws for the factories to control the pollution has   played a critical factor in making Delhi polluted. The government should immediately act against the factories with pushing strict rules.

More vehicles

Delhi is capital of India, people of Delhi are rich enough to afford a car. No one wanted to use the slow and uncomfortable public transport. All feel that driving personal car is status symbol and why should one stop driving the car when others can stop driving the car. So overall no one want to compromise on comfort and all feel others should stop driving the car. Vehicle count is rising. Government should immidiately push the more stringent rules against the vehicle which found exhuming the smoke.

No Greenery

The modernisation of the city has consumed the greenery. No one wants to waste the land in plantation. All wanted to develop commercial mall and buildings to make money. Plantation need space. But space is being used for commercial purpose. Maintaining greenery is last concern of people of Delhi.


So overall are very busy in making money or busy in politics. No one really care that if smog is there or not. All are busy going to office/malls/movies. All are busy people. Later this smog can create diseases. Common people should do something about this. Society should do something about it. If government is failing to do anything then society has to plan. Every citizen have right to live in a clean/good environment and no one can take that right from anyone.

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