Bihar CM Nitish Kumar supports PM Modi on demonetisation

Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar has shown support to PM Modi’s move of demonetisation. This is surprise because same Nitish Kumar had quit the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) over Narendra Modi’s elevation as the BJP’s PM candidate

It looks like Nitish kumar has taken this decision to really in favour of the common man. Mr. Nitish kumar has also taken many decision in favour of common man. Where many corrupt politicians and businessmen are busy in converting their black money. It is commendable job by Nitish kumar to support his political enemy.
“Nobody can carry away anything he hoards after death, yet people try to make money for the next seven generations. There is no pocket in the shroud for money, yet people take bribe. I don’t know why they do it and how much money they want,” Kumar said in Madhubani on Wednesday.
Kumar’s support to Narendra modi on the demonetisation is a big blow to the all corrupt politicians who are trying to push modi to rollback this decision.

Sources close to Kumar ruled out a possible tie-up with the Modi-led BJP, the Bihar CM’s decision shows that he is ready to stand beside his estranged ally on certain issues.
“In fact, I also want a crackdown on “benami” property. That should also come under scanner. Honest people like farmers, teachers and others work hard, but those dealing in black, enjoy life,” Kumar said. He also said that genuine people should get their hard-earned money exchanged without hassle.

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