Super Fast spanish Talgo train between Delhi Mumbai

The Super fast Spanish Talgo train will start its final Delhi-Mumbai trial run on Saturday. The train is expected to start from New Delhi station at 2:45pm and reach Mumbai at 2:29am Sunday. The Talgo train,will try cover the 1,384 km in 12 hours at 150 kmph speed, In past 3 trials happened for Talgo train but it failed to reach this speed. This is final trial for Talgo train.

Currently there are almost 36 trains running between mumbai delhi. Fastest train on mumbai delhi route is Duranto which runs on speed of 80 kmph and takes 17 hours. Talgo train is targetting almost double speed 150 kmph and will cut down the duration of the journey by 5 hours.

In July 2015, Talgo stated its intention to ship a Series 9 train to India at its own cost as a demonstration on the Mumbai-Delhi rail route.

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