PM Narendra Modi will not attend SAARC Summit, Pakistan boycott

India boycotts SAARC summit in Pakistan scheduled for November.Environment not conducive after increase in cross-border terrorism: India
Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan are also signaled to boycott SAARC Summit. Cross border terrorism promoted by pakistan is th reason of this boycott. Pakistan is promoting the terrorism from long time now. Last month terrorist killed 18 Indian army personals in terrorist attack. Pakistan has been involved in the terrorist activites for long time now. There are many incidents across the globe claims that pakistan is breading terrorism. In past Osama Bin Laden was also been killed in pakistan by the US government. World leaders had condemed pakistan for their policy of protection of terrorists. PM modi also expressed his sympathy towards the people of baluchistan. In Baluchistan also Pakistan is creating problems by spreading terror and forcing the people to live a poor life.

Boycott decision of SAARC summit is so far the biggest step of India to isolate Pakistan after four terrorists crossed the border into Kashmir and attacked an army base in Uri. 18 soldiers were killed.

India is also reviewing Indus Waters Treaty, which divides resources from six rivers between India and Pakistan. PM Modi said “blood and water can’t flow together” as officials said that India will now utilise much more of its share of water, which will eat into the surplus that Pakistan had been availing. Pakistan’s Sartaj Aziz, who functions as Foreign Minister, said today that if India pulls out of treaty, it will amount to “an act of war”. PM Modi has also called for a deliberation on Thursday of whether to downgrade Pakistan’s status as a trading partner.

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