New season of Comedy nights Bachao starting today on colors TV.

Comedy Nights Bachao has Nia Sharma, Ssumier Pasricha join its second season. Comedy Nights Bachao is an Indian comedy television series which premiered on 5 September 2015. The series airs on Saturday nights on Colors TV in India and ARY Zindagi in Pakistan. The series is a reality show with a format similar to Comedy Circus. It has many of the same production team members and is produced by Optimystix Entertainment. Presenters of this show are Krishna Abhishek and Bharti Singh.
Season 2 cast is as below:

Krushna Abhishek
Bharti Singh
Sudesh Lehri
Mona Singh as Host
Nia Sharma
Aditi Bhatia
Sharad Malhotra
Sumeet Vyas
Ssumier Pasricha
Amruta Khanvilkar
Balraj Sahay
Manan Desai

Comedy Nights Bachao is returning as Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza which is set to premiere tonight. The way its cast members Anita Hasnandani and Karan Wahi bid farewell to the sets, has hinted that the show is set for a major revamp. While the entire old team has been replaced with new faces, the format of the show is also undergoing a change. Now, even the celebs will roast the actors, but in a much softer way.

The original hosts Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh has been replaced by Mona Singh. Only Krushna, Bharti and lahiri are the only faces from the previous cast who have been retained.

Nia Sharma is giving comedy a shot for the first time. And she is paired with stand-up comedian Balraj Syal and actor Ssharad Malhotra.

Aditi Bhatia from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is also joining the team. She is new to doing comedy, but considering she will mostly be performing with Krushna and Sudesh Lehri, we are sure her comic timing will only improve.


Marathi actress Amruta Khanvilkar will be seen doing comedy on the small screen for the first time. We hear she is paired with stand-up comedian Manan Desai. According to Amruta, shooting the show is super fun in itself. So it is no guess that the audience will have bigger fun.





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