Google launched Allo chat app

Google launched another chat app today named Allo app. Google already has Google talk and hangout as an app. But both app were legging behind the Whatsapp, hike, FB messenger etc. To compete with the new messengers Google has launched the new app. The new app is smart app. This app is supposed to be a middle man between the chatters. It will also suggest the related points to the chatter. For example if a chatter ask for restaurent allo chat app provide recommendations accordingly. Also this chat app can send daily news updates and weather updates.

Allo also features a slider that can make your messages and emojis larger or smaller. You can send one of hundreds of virtual stickers specifically designed for Allo.
When you’re chatting with someone, you’re often making plans. Google Assistant can retrieve information on nearby restaurants, movie times and even the weather. Everyone in the chat will see the Assistant’s replies and can weigh in on the choices. The idea is to keep the conversation flowing, so you don’t have to constantly leave Allo to look up something else.

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