Now you can track your vehicle from your Mobile. Mahindra Digisense

Mahindra and Mahindra launches a new platform for its customers. Now owner of vehicle can download an app for his/her Mahindra vehicle and keep track of his vehicle. Owner can control his vehicle from mobile phone,  tablet or computer.
This platform will tell the user location of vehicle as well as user can control the maximum speed. This app will also report the mechanical health and prompt user to go for the replacement of parts like air filter if required.

Simple benefits of this new system is theft protection and business management. No one can take your vehicle by stealing easily as well as if you are an transporter you can check where is your vehicle is located and whats the status of vehicle.

Digisense is currently available for commercial products and will eventually be rolled out for passenger vehicles as well. The platform will be offered in Mahindra Jeeto, Imperio, Arjun tractor and the Mahindra Earthmaster and the Mahindra Blazo.

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