Indian smart phone market 2016. Costly phone market going down.

In India cost is biggest factor for mobile choices. A person buying a mobile will budget his purchase mostly on price. Right now only android I phones are in range of Indian buyer. There are thousand types of mobile available in Indian market with all kind of configuration. Indian buyer is still not spending too much on luxury phones. Not all buying high end I phones or S7 series phones. The hot favorite in Mid range is J7, J5 and Xiomi note 3. This range lies between 7k to 15k. Beyond that less people are buying high end phones above 20k. According to strategy analytics, Android by Google now covers 97 per cent Indian market share. Apple iPhone sales may decline by 18 per cent in 2016.

Just a few weeks ago Apple CEO Tim Cook had highlighted that even as its growth slows down in the major markets of the world, the iPhone sales were growing in India. “India is now one of our fastest growing markets,” Tim Cook said after Apple declared its results for the latest quarter. But now Indian market is seeing decline in costly phones it include all phones purchases above 20k.

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