French cities are banning ‘burkinis’

The burkini has become a political and social hot potato in France. There are 3 cities in France who have banned burquini. Whenever a woman wears burkini on the beach people get amazed and started clicking pictures of her. This creates chaos on the beaches and also embress the lady for the same. Next thing is family members of women comes and start the brawl for the same and it follows police and crime. To avoid this, burkini has been banned at 3 beaches of France. Veils(burqua) has been already banned from 2011 in France for security reasons. In past terrorist used covers at different points.
A burqini (burqua+bikni) swimsuit is a type of swimsuit for women. The design is Islamic instruction for Muslim women to dress modestly. The suit covers the whole body except the face, the hands and the feet, whilst being light enough to enable swimming.

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