900000 years old human bone found in Arabia

The 90,000-years-old bone was found while digging in Saudi Arabia. Researchers from Saudi Arabia and Oxford University in the UK, began digging in 2012 and it took nearly four years to find the oldest bone.

Archaeologists said that the middle finger bone has been found during excavations at Tayma, where a large oasis exists with a long history of habitation. Tayma is a large oasis with a long history of settlement, located in northwestern Saudi Arabia at the point where the trade route between Yathrib (Medina) and Dumah (al-Jawf) begins to cross the Nefud desert. Tayma is located 264 km southeast of the city of Tabouk, and about 400 km north of Medina. Recent archaeological discoveries show that Tayma has been inhabited since the Bronze Age.

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