How to get hypothecation removed at pune RTO

Everyone is in race to buy a car in India. In Pune if you have bought a car and taken a loan then this article is useful for you. I have read many article on this topic but when I reached to RTO few of the points proved wrong to me. To keep it simple documents required for hypothecation removal. Below are the documents which are required.

  1. No Objection Certificate
  2. Form 35 (Both the copies, duly signed by yourself)
  3. Registration certificate – (Original take a transparent cover)
  4. Driving License – Copy only
  5. Insurance policy – Copy only (Renewed)
  6. PUC – Copy only
  7. Trade certificate(Not required just to be on safer side.)
  8. 1 Photograph(Mandatory)
  9. copy of 2 address proofs along with form 33 filled (In case address has been changed. Form 33 is available for free in the RTO campus itself)

So above items are mandatory as far as you need not to visit the place counter again and again.

Note: In case you also changed the address which was used to register the vehicle then document list will have 2 address proofs as well along with form 33.

Once you enter the RTO you have to park the vehicle. After parking the vehicle if you have all documents ready then you can go directly to counter 15 for document verification & payment. There are 2 counter 15s. Right side one is for document verification first go to the counter 15 on right side and get verified your documents from verification officer. He will also confirm the amount you have to pay. Once done go to left counter 15 to pay the same amount.

After entering the office there is a big building on the right side of campus which have big hall where all these counters exist. counter 15 is the one which have big queue. In front of this big building there is separate small  building/counters for getting the forms. For Hypothecation removal no forms are required. Form 35 is usually shared from the bank with Vehicle NOC. For address change you can get form 33 from that building. After payment and document submission New RC  will be sent to your address via post so in case address is changed then follow the steps for address change as well.

Documents can be arranged in similar way shown in below picture.

Hypothecation removal pune RTO document set

Counter 15 where all document will be verified and payment needs to be done.

Counter 15 for payment and verification



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