Examples of cloud computing

Cloud email

Right now most of the organizations are using in-house email servers.But are these in-house email servers are worth investing?

If organization wants to setup in-house email server they have to bear cost of Software,underlying hardware and resource cost to manage the server(24×7 admin). So it is capital investment. Company also has to make sure they have manpower who can monitor these servers 24×7.

While if a company use cloud services to manage there email accounts they can achieve hassle free email service without investing capital on the mail server.

There are many service providers available in the market to whom you can outsource the emails. The most popular right now is Google email. Cost of per user for Google apps account per user is 50$ a year.It includes many services including Google drive, Google email etc.

So why to take worry about the in-house mail server and its management, just outsource your email server.

Many small organizations like school, colleges, hospitals etc are moving to outsourced cloud email solution as maintaining these servers is hassle.

Worries about cloud email

  • Internet connection is constantly required. If your organization doesn’t allow the internet for your employees/members it can be problematic. But internet access can be only restricted to Gmail/or Google sites.
  • There are concerns about the security and compliance.Few governments doesn’t wants their official emails to store outside country. Location of servers in cloud can not be determined in cloud easily so it can be outside country.
Cloud Examples
Examples of Cloud


Cloud Storage

Do your organization need storage for lot of documents? Do you use shared files servers to store those files? Do you want to get rid of shared drives, file servers and network problems which never ends. Then you need cloud storage.

Cloud storage provides infrastructure to store, manage, track changes (versioning) availability 24×7, across globe for files. Current storage solutions are mature enough and has advanced features like notification, Simultaneous working on the documents from many locations, it increase productivity of employees in many ways.

Best vendors for cloud storage are Google and Amazon. Google have Google drive offering which is very powerful tool for online collaboration.
Worries about cloud storage.

All cloud systems have same worries

  • internet connection
  • security
  • compliance.

Cloud Processing

Cloud processing is web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources. It allows you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change.Right now top vendor for Cloud processing is Amazon. Amazon’s EC2 service provide capability to create scalable application in cloud.


Above are few examples of cloud computing.Cloud is a vast and powerful. These scenarios just give a glimpse of what cloud can provide for business.

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