BPM banking

Financial institutions need to properly define and manage their business processes.

Well defined,consistent business processes are required to protect important financial applications and data.Banking BPM tools help to provide out of the box processes for banking domain. Information related with customers should be stored systematically and managed securely.

Regulations and compliance is most important for banking domain.BPM banking solutions help financial institutions to adhere the regulations. Well defined process in any business help improve the efficiency of the operations.

There is immense opportunity of automation in Banking processes. BPM enables banks to automate business processes like account opening,credit card renewals, loan sanction or payments to optimize costs.


Many vendors have out of box BPM solutions for banks. BPM tools can be customized as per need of financial institutions .Few are mentioned below.

IBM Banking


Dependency on humans can make banking transactions vulnerable. With BPM, banks can automate most  of the processes and reduce the number of human interventions, creating big change in overall benefits cost wise and time wise. Because systems can ensure the proper execution of tasks without human involvement, automating the process utilizing business rules can reduce the cycle time to minutes or even seconds, and reserve valuable human resources and expertise for higher-value contribution.



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