Configuration management database (CMDB) Explanation

CMDB is repository for IT Assets that are referred as Configuration Items (CI).CMDB is very important for Information technology (IT) organizations.CMDB also stores relationships between IT assets.

CMDB is also keeps tracks of these assets.It keeps record of dependency between IT assets.

IT Assets normally include IT Organization’s products, systems, facilities, software, facilities.

Tracking the state of these items will help in future reconstruction of these assets in case of disaster or crash.

CMDB also helps to adapt the changes in dependent system if any asset change.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library framework, also known as ITIL describes the use of CMDBs as part of infrastructure operations and support.

A CMDB helps an organization understand the relationships between the components of a system and track their configurations. The CMDB is a fundamental component of the ITIL framework’s Configuration Management process.


1: Organization ABC has offices in New York.In 2012 Hurricane Sandy, hit offices of ABC.They wanted to reconstruct the assets with same configuration.They had a well defined and well maintained CMDB.IT manager of ABC organization contacted to a recovery organization and recovered the assets using their CMDB.It made the process so fast and easier for the company and it brings back the operation on-line in short time.

2: Organization XYZ has a centralized LDAP directory.This LDAP directory is part of CMDB.There are many applications in organization which are dependent on this LDAP directory.If there is a change in LDAP directory attributes application admins should be notified so they can make changes in their apps if required.
The relationship between LDAP directory and Applications is stored in CMDB which made this process simple to follow.

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